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Lambron Contracting has a strong commitment to safety and the environment. With effective management practices in place, Lambron Contracting will always aim to minimise any adverse impacts our activities may have on the environment. We also have extensive experience and a strong commitment to cultural obligations when working with traditional land owners.

Lambron Contracting is committed to:

  • Ensuring that a comprehensive risk management process is applied across the company thus resulting in a high level of safety for persons and property on any contracts we undertake.
  • We’ll always ensure safety issues that arise are quickly and effectively resolved.
  • We’ll ensure Lambron Contracting fully complies with any legal obligations; and we’ll
  • Ensure appropriate training and information is provided to all our employees.

Lambron Contracting has also developed a “Risk Management and Control” procedure (LC SOP 002 Hazard/Risk Management and Control) to assist our employees with the identification, assessment and control of hazards/ risks associated to our work areas.

This is communicated via an online training system (PerCoMS E-Learning) which has been develop to provide not only an educational tool for our employees but also a method of capturing evidence of individual’s competency and particular skill sets.

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